Sister Magic … or not!

And when they’re good, they’re very good…and when they’re bad they drive mommy nuts!

I’m in a sentimental mood this week because, as I’ll be blogging about more tomorrow, this week is our little Isabella’s bone graft surgery.  As those of you who’ve followed my various blogs over the years know, we adopted Isabella in 2006 right about the time she turned three (she actually got her citizenship on her third birthday when we hit the first port of entry in the U.S.!)

Earlier today, I was helping our oldest daughter, Catherine (now 11) make prototype jewelry for the fifth grade business fair.  Isabella came down wanting to help, and in typical  pre-teen fashion, Catherine sent her away.  Sigh.  (They play well together when they play well … but when they don’t, it’s fireworks.  I was an only child.  I hear this is normal. But dang, it can be trying!)

Anyway, I was doing some computer clean up today and ran across this very old post from before our travel to China.  I thought it was apropos!


Kids say the sweetest things!

Lately C has taken to playing in the backyard (and independently, too!). Today she was out there until the last possible minute, begging “just five more minutes!” off her dad every five minutes until the sun was disappearing behind the trees. At one point, I decided to go check on her, and found that she’d been plucking flowers and leaves off our various plants. This is a normal state of affairs around our house … D and I are convinced she has a future career in horticulture!

At any rate, we moved her Little Tykes kitchen outside at the beginning of summer, and these bits of plant are usually part of some fabulous new “dish” she’s making, so I asked if she was cooking something. She said no, and very excitedly urged me over to look at what she’d done. A circle of bits of petals, leaves, sticks and more. “What is that?” I asked.

“Magic,” she said. “To bring my sister home faster.”

I swear, I teared up!

I can’t wait to see my two little girls playing together!

Hmmm.  I wonder if I can sprinkle some of that magic dust around for perpetual peace among siblings?  It’s a thought …

Were you an only child or one of several?  Reassure me that the bickering is normal?  Pretty please? 



I assure you, sibling trials are completely natural! I am an older sister; my sister is 6 years younger than me, and I swear to you, she used to stand with her toes just touching the edge of my bedroom. And would just stare at me. My mother, being the youngest by 7 years of five children, just did not comprehend my problem! She now lives in your neck of the woods, Austin, TX. I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We get along great–when we’re 6-8 hours apart! Put us together longer than a couple of days, and the fur is likely to start flying! I have two kids, a boy and a girl. They tease, but it’s not nearly as bad as what my sister and I did. I don’t know if it’s because they’re a boy and a girl, or if it’s because they’re close in age. My husband and his brother get along great, too. Maybe it’s just a sister thing :)


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