Flowers in the Attic and other Guilty Secrets

Flowers in the Attic
Yeah, I read this book waaaaay too many times!

What do incestuous ballerinas, demons, and erotica have in common?

Well, that would be me!

Yes, it’s true. I spent much of my youth reading (and re-reading) the Flowers in the Attic series. (I even took the series as my pool-side reading on my honeymoon!)

My movie guilty pleasures run more towards the romantic-cry-at-the-ending kind. Pretty Woman, anyone?

But, hey, why not come on over and check out my interview at Scenes from a Chaotic Mind and see what other oddities are rambling around in this head of mine!


Chris Marie Green/Christine Cody

I saw this on Twitter and I had to respond, LOL. I *loved* those creepy FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC books when I was younger. Talk about early literary crack! The weirder they got, the more I delighted in them. I think the crazy twists had an effect on my writing, too. Yikes.



literary crack, exactly!!!! Thanks for confirming I’m not the only one (and for proving that social media really does work, LOL)

Diana Layne

I read the first two Flowers in the Attic books then I couldn’t take anymore. Of course by that time I’d had my first baby so I didn’t have time to read anyway.


The first two were definitely the best (I wasn’t as crazy about them once they were from the heroine’s kids’ pov). And I hear you on the baby! Talk about a drastic redux in reading time!


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