Flowers in the Attic and other Guilty Secrets

Flowers in the Attic

Yeah, I read this book waaaaay too many times!

What do incestuous ballerinas, demons, and erotica have in common?

Well, that would be me!

Yes, it’s true. I spent much of my youth reading (and re-reading) the Flowers in the Attic series. (I even took the series as my pool-side reading on my honeymoon!)

My movie guilty pleasures run more towards the romantic-cry-at-the-ending kind. Pretty Woman, anyone?

But, hey, why not come on over and check out my interview at Scenes from a Chaotic Mind and see what other oddities are rambling around in this head of mine!

4 thoughts on “Flowers in the Attic and other Guilty Secrets

  • Chris Marie Green/Christine Cody

    I saw this on Twitter and I had to respond, LOL. I *loved* those creepy FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC books when I was younger. Talk about early literary crack! The weirder they got, the more I delighted in them. I think the crazy twists had an effect on my writing, too. Yikes.


    • Julie Post author

      literary crack, exactly!!!! Thanks for confirming I’m not the only one (and for proving that social media really does work, LOL)

  • Diana Layne

    I read the first two Flowers in the Attic books then I couldn’t take anymore. Of course by that time I’d had my first baby so I didn’t have time to read anyway.

    • Julie Post author

      The first two were definitely the best (I wasn’t as crazy about them once they were from the heroine’s kids’ pov). And I hear you on the baby! Talk about a drastic redux in reading time!

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