Aphrodite’s Delight


Superhero Series

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Nikko has never been the kind of superhero that plays by the rules. But when he finds himself on probation — and in danger of losing his superhero status — he knows he needs to prove to the Council that he can do what superheroes are expected to do: save the world. Not an easy task under normal circumstances, but in New York City, where every eagle-eyed kid mistakes him for the comic book hero Silver Streak, it’s turning out to be nearly impossible.

Shy and introverted, comic book fan Lydia Carmichael doesn’t have the gumption to break out of her cubicle and away from her patronizing boss and her soul-crushing job. At least not until a pair of magical new shoes bring new levels of confidence (not to mention speed and dexterity)– and put her face to face with the comic book superhero she’s been crushing on for years– the Silver Streak.

There’s no denying that the chemistry between them is as incendiary as a comic strip’s Blam! But Nikko has no idea who– or what– Lydia really is, and Lydia knows that if she tells him the truth, she’ll not only lose him, but lose the chance to help save the world.

But if a pair of magical shoes can help a girl like Lydia find the superhero inside herself, then maybe Lydia can find the courage to fight for– and win– the man she loves.

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About this Story

Story Type Novella Primary Characters Nikko Lydia Carmichael Series Protector Superheroes Place in Series Story #.25 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance