Aphrodite’s Embrace

A Superhero Novella

Jennifer Martin has worked with enough Protectors to know that she has absolutely no interest in dating—much less marrying!—the arrogant superheroes. Too bad her mom has a completely different view on the subject … and is determined that Jenny marry one of those perfectly “perfect” men.

Starbuck is undercover, pretending to be a mortal as he searches for a spy who’s selling Council secrets to the biggest bad guy of all, Hieronymous. Falling for Jenny is not only a distraction from his job, it’s also going nowhere. Because even if she likes him as a man, he knows damn well that she’s not going to like him as a Protector anymore than she will appreciate the lies he’s told in order to get close to her.

And to make matters worse, Jenny’s mom is his most likely suspect. It’s a conundrum and a half, but with a little luck (and a few rare superpowers), Starbuck just might manage to catch the mole—and get the girl!

About this Story

Primary Characters Jennifer (Jenny) Martin Starbuck Series Protectors Superheroes Series Place in Series Story #1.5 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
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