Aphrodite’s Embrace


A Superhero Novella

Jennifer Martin has worked with enough Protectors to know that she has absolutely no interest in dating—much less marrying!—the arrogant superheroes. Too bad her mom has a completely different view on the subject… and is determined that Jenny marry one of those perfectly “perfect” men.

Starbuck is undercover, pretending to be a mortal as he searches for a spy who’s selling Council secrets to the biggest bad guy of all, Hieronymous. Falling for Jenny is not only a distraction from his job, it’s also going nowhere. Because even if she likes him as a man, he knows damn well that she’s not going to like him as a Protector anymore than she will appreciate the lies he’s told in order to get close to her.

And to make matters worse, Jenny’s mom is his most likely suspect. It’s a conundrum and a half, but with a little luck (and a few rare superpowers), Starbuck just might manage to catch the mole—and get the girl!

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About this Story

Publication Date 02/15/2013 Story Type Novella Primary Characters Jennifer (Jenny) Martin Starbuck Series Protector Superheroes Place in Series Story #1.5 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance