Aphrodite’s Flame


Superhero Series Book 4

Mordichai grew up under the shadow of the baddest bad guy out there— Hieronymous Black— and he’s used his power to conjure fire to help Daddy Dearest in numerous nefarious plots. But he’s reformed now— and just in time to meet the woman of his dreams.

Isole Frost knows all about Mordi’s past, and she believes him when he says he’s truly reformed. Trouble is, she also believes that Hieronymous truly wants to give up his dark ways and join the good guys, and nothing Mordi says can sway her. He may be the dark-haired, green-eyed man of her dreams, but she’s sure that he’s wrong. And when they’re forced to work together, they’re either going to prove that fire won’t mesh with ice— or that the inevitable result is a whole lotta steam!

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About this Story

Publication Date 11/19/2012 Story Type Book Primary Characters Mordichai Isole Frost Series Protector Superheroes Place in Series Story #4 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance