Aphrodite’s Passion


Superhero Series Book 2

Mortal Tracy Tannin has always felt like the most ordinary girl in the world, especially since she’s lived her whole life in the shadow of her Hollywood superstar grandmother. But when she finds an antique belt in her grandmother’s attic, everything changes. Suddenly everyone wants Tracy— or maybe they just want the belt.

Superhero Hale is more than happy to do his job protecting mortals. But get emotionally close to one? Absolutely no way. Which is why he’s thrown a bit off his game when he suddenly finds himself craving the mortal woman he’s been assigned to protect. But that must just be the effect of the magical belt he’s supposed to retrieve, right?

Because there’s no way that a guy like Hale can fall for a girl like Tracy.

Or is there?

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About this Story

Publication Date 10/29/2012 Story Type Book Primary Characters Tracy Tannin Hale Series Protector Superheroes Place in Series Story #2 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance