Hell’s Fury


Devil May Care Series (with Dee Davis)

Jezebel Wyatt is the second of the Devil’s daughters. An Immortal with a gift for acquiring information, she has survived the centuries using her unique talent to obtain and sell crucial secrets to whomever offers the greatest prize. For Jessie, it’s only a game. Winner take everything. So when her father appears with the deal of all deals– steal the Protector of Armageddon– she accepts. But she knows she needs help, and the best alternative is also the worst– her ex-lover, David Bishop.

International operative David Bishop is obsessed with finding the Protector, and through it the man who killed his brother. The only time he’s ever been distracted from his quest was the time he spent in Jessie Wyatt’s bed. An ice cold siren with a red hot core, David isn’t sure he can trust her– even though she’s offering a partnership that would give them both what they desire.

With Jessie’s ability for information, and David’s uncanny knack for getting into and out of tight situations, they seem to have everything they need. But as the forces of evil mount, Jessie and David must face their past as well as their darkest demons. And together they’ll learn that only by relinquishing everything can they hope to fulfill the promise of love.

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About this Story

Publication Date 04/30/2014 Story Type Book Primary Characters Jezebel Wyatt David Bishop Series Devil May Care Place in Series Story #4 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance