Sure as Hell


Devil May Care Series (with Dee Davis)

As the eldest child of Satan, Lucia is used to being Daddy’s princess. And she’s played that role faithfully throughout the years, being the only one of the devil’s children who has worked full-time in the family’s devilish business.

As an assassin, Lucia is top-notch, but lately she’s been faltering, and when her father comes to her with a proposition– pull off one last job and move up the corporate ladder to take over all of Hell… well, that’s an offer that Lucia can’t refuse.

More than that, how can she fail? Because even despite her declining enthusiasm, Lucia is the best of the best.

But when Lucia meets Dante Moreau, the deliciously sexy son of her intended target, things get a bit more complicated. Now Lucia has to decide between dancing with the devil… or following her heart.

The third book in the Devil May Care Series by Julie Kenner and Dee Davis.

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About this Story

Publication Date 04/23/2014 Story Type Novella Primary Characters Lucia Dante Moreau Series Devil May Care Place in Series Story #3 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance