The Cat’s Fancy


Protectors - Superhero Series - Prequel

There are people in this world who believe in magic, who search for the possibility in their daily lives…

Focused attorney Nicholas Goodman is not one of those people. A rising star in a major law firm, Nick has all the pieces of his life in order: a great career, financial success, and a girlfriend whose father is one of his major clients. Everything in his life is neat and orderly—until the day Nick opens his door and finds a green-eyed, dark-haired beauty standing there. And she happens to be totally naked.

To these people, love is just as magical as a unicorn in your driveway…

Maggie is one-hundred percent, head-over-heels in love with Nicholas. He’s kind and smart and sexy, and she’s certain he’s the man for her. There’s just one problem: Maggie’s not exactly human. But through the power of magic, she’s given a chance. She has one week to make Nick fall in love with her.

One week to make “happily ever after” a reality.

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About this Story

Publication Date 05/15/2012 Story Type Book Primary Characters Nicholas Goodman Series Protector Superheroes Place in Series Story #.5 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance