Nichole "Nikki" Fairchild (Stark)

Stories with Nichole "Nikki" Fairchild (Stark) as a primary character

Lost With Me - Pre-Order Digital CoverLost With MeStory #5
Hold Me - Trade Paperback CoverHold MeStory #4.1
Entice Me - Trade Paperback CoverEntice MeStory #3.7
Anchor Me - Trade Paperback CoverAnchor MeStory #4
Deepest Kiss - E-Book CoverDeepest KissStory #3.6
Stark After Dark - Trade Paperback CoverStark After DarkStory #3.01
Unwrap Me - E-Book CoverUnwrap MeStory #3.5
Seduce Me - E-Book CoverSeduce MeStory #3.4

Stories with Nichole "Nikki" Fairchild (Stark) as a secondary character

Steal My Heart - E-Book CoverSteal My HeartStory #3.1