What is the reading order for the books with Nikki Fairchild and Damien Stark?

I’m glad you asked!

Damien and Nikki’s story started with the original trilogy. The reading order is: Release Me, Claim Me, Complete Me.

Because both fans and I enjoyed spending time with the characters, I created “Stark Ever After” which follows Nikki and Damien after their primary story concluded with Complete Me.  The Stark Ever After novellas are digital-first stories, shorter than a novel, and intended to give readers a peek into the continuing lives of Nikki and Damien.  The reading order is:

  • Take Me (also introduces Evan Black from Wanted, book one of the Most Wanted trilogy)
  • Have Me
  • Play My Game (this novella introduces Jackson Steele, who is the hero of the Stark International trilogy)
  • Seduce Me (This novella was originally on sale for a limited time as part of the Sweet Seduction box-set, the proceeds of which went to charity. That box-set is no longer available, but the story is available for purchase individually.) (Though published after Say My Name (Stark International #1), chronologically, Seduce Me comes before the events in that novel.
  • UnWrap Me (coming 11/24)


Damien and Nikki also appear in the Stark International Trilogy featuring Jackson Steele and Sylvia Brooks.  These books follow Play My Game. The reading order is:

  • Say My Name
  • On My Knees
  • Under My Skin

These books can be read and enjoyed without reading the Stark Trilogy or Stark Ever After.  However, it’s probably more fun to start with Release Me.

Damien and Nikki also make a cameo appearance in Ignited, book 3 in the Most Wanted series.