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NEW EXCERPT: Play My Game #StarkEverAfter by J Kenner Available February 17th 1

Play My Game #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner I never imagined that anything could top our honeymoon, but life as Mrs. Damien Stark is sweeter than any fantasy. We are forever bound by our love and our desire. His touch is my greatest treasure—and is purely mine alone. Yet no matter where we go, the ghosts of […]

Play My Game eBook 7

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“Passion is never far beneath the surface” Have Me – J. Kenner #StarkEverAfter Teaser #StarkOnSaturday

Have Me – Stark Ever After – J. Kenner Have you experienced the STARK Ever After Honeymoon?? The kiss is soft and teasing, but my reaction is anything but gentle, and I have to fight the urge to press myself hard against him as a familiar heat pools between my thighs. “Damien,” I say, and […]

“I’m going to claim YOU” – #DamienStark Complete Me by J. Kenner #StarkonSaturday

Happy #StarkonSaturday!! Here is a little tease from Complete Me by J. Kenner – third book in the Stark Series.  “I’m going to claim you with the entire universe looking on, because you are mine, and you always will be, no matter where we go from here.” Learn more about the first two installments of […]

Complete Me - J Kenner - Claim YOU Stark on Satuday Teaser

Claim Me - J Kenner - Youre Mine Teaser

“You’re MINE” Claim Me by J. Kenner #StarkonSaturday

Claim Me by J. Kenner is the second book in the Stark Trilogy! “Where ever I am you belong. You’re Mine. Say it” Have you had your chance to make Damien YOURS?? Grab your copy of the second installment now:  Amazon/Kindle http://amzn.to/OZPzvb AmazonUK http://amzn.to/1t15nwD B&N/Nook http://bit.ly/MHMZt5 Books-A-Million http://bit.ly/1vRQKxO Kobo http://bit.ly/1bfiHEC iBooks http://bit.ly/1hOL1A2 IndieBound http://bit.ly/1m1IJQ8 Google […]

“Possess. Have. Hold.” Damien Stark – Release Me by J. Kenner #StarkonSaturday

Who wants a sexy quote from Damien Stark from Release Me by J. Kenner?? “Possess. Have. Hold. Enjoy. Control. Dominate. Pick your verb, Ms. Fairchild. I intend to explore so very many of them.” Damien Stark, Release Me Release Me Amazon/Kindle http://amzn.to/QOT742 Amazon UK http://bit.ly/ReleaseMeAmazonUK Amazon AU http://bit.ly/ReleaseMeAmazonAU B&N/Nook http://bit.ly/ReleaseMeNook Books-A-Million http://bit.ly/ReleaseMeBAM Kobo http://bit.ly/ReleaseMeKobo iBooks […]

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Have Me #StarkEverAfter Sexy Snippet #StarkonSaturday

Have Me #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner The honeymoon has begun… “You’re a miracle,” I conclude, hoping that he understands despite the inadequacy of my words.“No,” he counters. “We’re the miracle.” His words make me shiver, because Damien Stark gets me in a way no one else ever has, or ever will. And that, I think, is […]

Available NOW – HAVE ME #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner!!

HAVE ME #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner is AVAILABLE!! The honeymoon begins now!! Damien and Nikki are back and sharing all the details of their honeymoon with YOU!! “Mrs. Stark,” he says firmly, and takes a sip of thechampagne. “I’m not sure there are any two words in the worldthat give me greater pleasure.” Grab your […]

Have Me Stark Ever After by J Kenner

Passion On The Sand

Midnight Tonight!! Have Me #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner is almost here!!

MIDNIGHT Tonight!! HAVE ME #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner Damien and Nikki are back and sharing all the details of their honeymoon with YOU!! Preorder your copy now:Amazon/Kindle http://amzn.to/1uRuWUwAmazonUK http://amzn.to/1CSqfuP B&N/Nook http://bit.ly/ZQ7JFsKobo http://bit.ly/1s9e3DE Kobo UK: http://bit.ly/1sc43cTiBooks http://bit.ly/1vKQL58iBooks UK: http://bit.ly/1t2hsoTGoogle Play http://bit.ly/1xmdzck Our eyes lock and the air between us seems to shimmer.  Ican feel it touching […]

2 days till the honeymoon! Have Me #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner

2 days!! YES only 2 days and you can experience the Stark honeymoon… HAVE ME ‪#‎StarkEverAfter‬ available November 4th!! Damien and Nikki are back and sharing all the details of their honeymoon!! Preorder your copy now:Amazon/Kindle http://amzn.to/1uRuWUwAmazonUK http://amzn.to/1CSqfuP B&N/Nook http://bit.ly/ZQ7JFsKobo http://bit.ly/1s9e3DE Kobo UK: http://bit.ly/1sc43cTiBooks http://bit.ly/1vKQL58iBooks UK: http://bit.ly/1t2hsoTGoogle Play http://bit.ly/1xmdzck Blurb: Our wedding was everything I dreamed of, and now the honeymoon is a living fantasy. To be Mrs. […]

Have Me - Stark Ever After - J Kenner - Beg

Have Me - Stark Ever After - J Kenner

A little #StarkOnStaurday tease from HAVE ME by J. Kenner #StarkEverAfter

  Just a another little tease of Damien and Nikki!! Have Me #StarkEverAfter by J. Kenner is only 3 days away!!  I want his hands upon me, his cock inside me.  I want hislips, his touch.  I want his heat.     I want everything he can give and more.     Best of all, I know that he […]