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Tyler in control … Heated by J. Kenner on #MostWantedMonday

We’re getting closer to June 3 release day for Heated, book 2 in the Most Wanted series by J. Kenner! To whet your appetite, here’s a teaser for today’s #MostWantedMonday!     When we finally reached the part of Chicago I recognized—down by the Magnificent Mile—I tucked my phone away and frowned at the scenery. “We’re […]

Heated by J. Kenner for #MostWantedMonday

Stark Ever After teaser

More Damien Stark, More Nikki … and a whole new hero and heroine! It’s a #StarkOnSaturday announcement! 2

  I’m thrilled to announce that readers will be seeing more of Nikki and Damien … not to mention a hot new hero and a fabulous new heroine! Thanks so much to everyone who saw the news in Publishers Marketplace and emailed or tweeted congrats! I’m thrilled that I can now share the news that’s […]

Careful, ruthless & desperately sexy – Heated by J. Kenner on #MostWantedMonday

  We’re getting closer to June 3 release day for Heated, book 2 in the Most Wanted series by J. Kenner! To whet your appetite, here’s a teaser for today’s #MostWantedMonday!   He took two steps closer, and my pulse increased exponentially. “I told you, Sloane,” he said. “I intend to find out what you want. […]

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Release Day: Tame Me by J. Kenner (a Stark International novella)

Did you hear the squeal? That was me celebrating the release day for Tame Me by J. Kenner (A Stark International novella!)   “Talk about kicking off a series with a sexy and steamy bang.  This novella was incredible!” – Read Love Blog   “Dear all things hot and holy…this story was scorching!  I devoured it […]

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New excerpt from Tame Me by J. Kenner for Stark On Saturday

It’s time for another #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Tame Me, a new novella featuring Jamie Archer, which will be released on March 25. We’re getting so close to the release date!  I’m excited!  Here’s an other snippet to whet your appetite.  Enjoy!   He pulls me close and strokes my back, waiting for me to calm down. […]

Tame Me by J. Kenner

Heated by J. Kenner teaser

Heated by J. Kenner teaserThe party was still going strong when I stepped back into the room. That made sense, I supposed, considering I’d been away less than half an hour. But in that time the world had shifted, and it seemed anticlimactic to go back into the room and have everything be exactly the same.

Then I saw Tyler across the restaurant, saw him looking at me. Saw the heat in his eyes.

No, I thought. Nothing is the same at all.

I considered playing it coy, but I wasn’t certain he’d stand for it. More, I didn’t want to. He’d lobbed the ball soundly into my court. Now it was my turn to return it.

I’d checked my purse with the attendant hired to work the party, so I borrowed a pen from the bartender, then scribbled a note on a napkin. I folded it, then called over one of the waitresses and gave it to her. “Just make sure he’s the one who gets it,” I said, pointing to Tyler.

She flashed a conspiratorial grin. “You got it. Good luck.”

“Passing notes in class?” Kat asked, walking up as the waitress walked away.

“Something like that.”

“Buy you another glass of wine?” she asked, holding up two fingers to the bartender.

“They’re free,” I said.

“Don’t let that discount my generosity.” She took the glasses from the bartender and passed one to me. “To success,” she said, then held up her glass to clink.

“Success? In what?”

“In whatever the hell that was all about,” she said, nodding toward the waitress, who had just reached Tyler.

I watched as he took the note, unfolded it, and then—very slowly—lifted his eyes to mine. Come here, he mouthed, and the command seemed to fill me up, warm and enticing.

“Well,” Kat said, a lilt to her voice. “How very interesting.”

I barely heard her. I was already on my way across the room.

We’re counting down to the June 3 release of Heated by J. Kenner, Most Wanted series, book 2!


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