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Today is Bossing Day!

Are you all ready to celebrate in the joy that is Bossing Day, the newest Hallmark holiday to hit the shelves.  Wait.  What???? Ah, never mind.  The little elves have informed me that Bossing Day is not an international, national, state or even local holiday.  Apparently it’s limited to my house only. Yes, that’s right…. Read more »

Backyard Adventures!

So, I think I made a Big Mistake. In a moment of extreme non-lucidity, I randomly suggested for God only knows what reason that the girls and I have a backyard campout. … Continue reading today’s post on my camping excursion over at The Whine Sisters!

The Grass is Greener in Grandma's Kitchen: Guest Blog today With Marianne Hansen Rencher!

I’m so excited to have a guest blogger today–the super fun Marianne Hansen Rencher. Not only that, but how cool she’s hitting on the topics of both cooking and mom’s — both of which I’ve touched on recently. Serendipity, right? Marianne’s a redhead – jealous! – who lives in Montana – not jealous of the… Read more »

Forget "Hi, Bob!" – my kids inspire my own drinking games…

Do you remember “Hi, Bob?” It was popular when I was in college, back when reruns of the Bob Newhart show would frequently play about the time that Happy Hour (or after-hours) was kicking off in various bars near campus, or at home where students were kicking back, ignoring the fact that there were essays… Read more »