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If you can read this, you don't need an e-reader

Because I have a digital-only novella being released in a couple of weeks, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from readers asking if the book is coming out in paper, many of whom mention with the question that if it’s not, they won’t be able to read the story.  (That story, by the way,… Read more »

California Demon on sale – this week only! Demon Hunting Soccer Mom book 2

Just got my Book Gorilla email with the ad for this week’s sale on California Demon (demon hunting soccer mom book 2)! “Shows you what would happen if Buffy got married and kept her past a secret. It’s a hoot.” – New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris If you don’t already have a copy,… Read more »

Celebratory contest! Claim Me is #2 on the NYT bestseller list … and I'm giving away a Kindle or Nook!

  Yesterday I learned that Claim Me is on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists … and with awesome placement! Yup, folks, Claim Me will debut at  #2 on the May 12 New York Times ebook bestseller list, #2 on the New York Times digital/print combined bestseller list, #16 on the… Read more »

Release Me is still number 3 bestseller-and right next to one of my favorite books!

I absolutely loved Gone Girl, so how excited am I to see that Release Me is still number 3 on the Nook Bestseller list … and right next to that awesome read?  (Answer:  super excited!) Yes, the screenshot is for my digital scrapbook.  I’m just that geeky! Thanks again to everyone who’s bought it, read… Read more »

New hair, new numbers!

Just got home from getting my hair done and I see that Release Me is number THREE for the Nook (and 87 overall at B&N)  and 166 for the Kindle!!!  So which is better? The numbers or the new highlights for my hair?  (um, I’m gonna go with the numbers!!!!!) Huge thanks to everyone who… Read more »

Thank you Barnes & Noble Readers!

I’m so excited! Release Me is in the top 100 of Barnes & Noble books (at 91!) … and it’s number SEVEN on the Nook list! Needless to say, I’m thrilled! Thanks to everyone who’s purchased the book and helped to spread the word about the book.   It is much appreciated!

"My name is Kate Connor … and my second adventure is on the Nook!"

“My name is Kate Connor, and I’m a Demon Hunter. It feels a little odd saying that. For the last fifteen-plus years, I’ve been a retired Demon Hunter, my hunting responsibilities traded for the equally dangerous, if not as dramatically compelling, duties of a stay-at-home mom to my teenager and toddler. And no, I’m not… Read more »