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Die Trying by Nicholas Ryan

Zombies on Sunday – check out Die Trying from Nicholas Ryan!

In the mood for the living dead in the new year? Check out Die Trying, the new release from Nicholas Ryan, the author of the bestselling Ground Zero. I just snagged my copy and I’m looking forward to diving in.  (I’m way behind on my The Walking Dead viewing … but at least I’ll be getting […]

Demons in the butter dish? It’s Demon Hunting Soccer Mom Sunday 2

Welcome to #SoccerMomSunday! When I first started writing the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom books, I was a very, very, very new mom.  I can remember sitting at my humongous Salvation Army desk with my computer on one side and my now-eleven year old daughter’s bouncy seat on the other as I banged away at the […]

Demons Are Forever by Julie Kenner


Writing the Paranormal: Laura Resnick talks Themes, Popular Myths, and her own Series 1

How do you get out of the typical tropes for paranormal writing? Laura Resnick shares her stories…with a kick! One of the challenges a paranormal novelist like me faces is how to use familiar supernatural tropes without writing a book that’s just like someone else’s book. I didn’t really struggle with this when I wrote […]

Paranormal Heroes: Scary or Sexy? Michele Lang Gives Her Top Five (Plus a Contest!) 2

Who are all those inhuman protagonists, those Vamps, Zombies, and Demons, filling up our bookshelves? Today I welcome Michele Lang to give her take on writing paranormal fiction! Keep reading for a chance to win one of THREE copies of her trilogy! Heroes from a Bad Neighborhood by Michele Lang To paraphrase the hilarious Anne Lamott, […]

Michele Lang Author


Love the Thrill of Post-Apocalyptic Books? Denise Agnew Dishes on her New Favorites (Plus a contest!) 9

I’m so glad to welcome Denise Agnew to the blog today! For the scoop on the exciting genre of post apocalyptic books, and a chance to win one of Denise’s novels, keep reading!   Solar Flares, Haunted Houses and Post Apoc Mayhem! So what do you think of post apoc novels, movies and television programs? […]

Book 6 - Unholy Alliance

DN Simmons: Mischief, Sex, Violence, Humor and More!

Please Welcome DN Simmons to the blog today! Happy Holidays! My name is D.N. Simmons and I’m the author of the “Knights of the Darkness Chronicles”. It’s an intriguing little series involving vampires and shape-shifters and I know what you’re going to say. Isn’t there one million books out there with vampires and shifters? What […]

Got two copies now in my hot little hands! Woot!

Two shiny new copies! I’m so excited. Nothing like holding your new book in your hands!

Got two copies now in my hot little hands!  Woot!


My first historical! Really!

Yes, yes, yes! More Shadowkeeper books coming out this year (the covers for the next three–this summer–are awesome, and I’ll post on Monday). But I’ve been lax in shouting out about my enovella, MIDNIGHT, which features Caris and Tiberius, star-crossed lovers. I had a bit of a Romeo and Juliet thing going as I wrote […]