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Octopus image by Paweł Zawistowski from stock.xchng

Today, life is an octopus

Yup, today is an octopus kinda day.  Actually, more like eight octopuses* because eight writhing tentacles just isn’t enough to describe the kind of wild, all-over-the-place kind of day I have facing me. What’s on my plate?  Let’s look, shall we? writing (duh! but I need to hit a certain minimum page count in order […]

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Today’s Tip: Quick Trick for Writing Fast

I posted the other day about time management, and one of the reasons that managing your time is so important is so that you can put chunks of time into a “savings account” during which you can do your work. For me, this means being efficient at the house and school stuff so that I […]


Staying sane with easy meals. (Or, “What do you mean, I have to actually *feed* my kids???”)

I cook. A lot. We used to eat out a lot, but those were in the pre-kid/lawyer paycheck days when dropping over a hundred for sushi after work because we just felt like it didn’t seem financially idiotic. Now, we’re followed by those every-present specters of freelance life: will I get another contract? wouldn’t the […]