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Are you a good at multitasking?

I think I’m pretty good at multitasking, but according to this infographic from, things may be slipping by the wayside. (Well, dang!) How about you?  Can you multitask with the best of them? 

Today, life is an octopus

Yup, today is an octopus kinda day.  Actually, more like eight octopuses* because eight writhing tentacles just isn’t enough to describe the kind of wild, all-over-the-place kind of day I have facing me. What’s on my plate?  Let’s look, shall we? writing (duh! but I need to hit a certain minimum page count in order… Read more »

Time Management Apps – Check these out!

I’m impressed with two apps that sync between my Mac and my iPhone. If you’re a techno-nut like me, give them a look. You might find them useful in helping organize your life. The first, ToDo, I’ve been using for a while. I like the fact that on the MacBook Air, I can drag emails… Read more »

Today's Tip: Quick Trick for Writing Fast

I posted the other day about time management, and one of the reasons that managing your time is so important is so that you can put chunks of time into a “savings account” during which you can do your work. For me, this means being efficient at the house and school stuff so that I… Read more »

Time Management Tips: Getting started

I’ve been writing books for over ten years now, and during all of that time I’ve repeatedly fielded the question of “how do you do it? How do you juggle all the stuff you’ve got going on? Do you have some sort of 36 hour day that the rest of us don’t?” It’s a legitimate… Read more »

Staying sane with easy meals. (Or, "What do you mean, I have to actually *feed* my kids???")

I cook. A lot. We used to eat out a lot, but those were in the pre-kid/lawyer paycheck days when dropping over a hundred for sushi after work because we just felt like it didn’t seem financially idiotic. Now, we’re followed by those every-present specters of freelance life: will I get another contract? wouldn’t the… Read more »